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Boyfriend Shorts-How to Pull the Look Off

By Elma B.
Edited by Lara Medic

This "it" trend started last summer, and continues to make head-waves this season. It's been on top of my list because it gives me room to breathe! So, what is this hot fashion trend-- boyfriend jeans turned boyfriend shorts! 

I wanted to provide a styling tips for you along with my own photos of how to pull off the boyfriend shorts and still look chic, fresh and feminine. Here is my style guide:


Boyfriend Shorts Outfit Inspiration 

Boyfriend Shorts Outfit Inspiration 

Boyfriend Shorts Outfit Inspiration

1. Stilettos. Stilettos are the way to elongate your legs when wearing boyfriend shorts, which will cut off a good part of your upper leg. If you legs are especially long, this is not a problem you have to worry about, in which case opt for booties with a small heel. 

2. Feminine top. To balance out the style, add a feminine top, e.g., a pastel pink tank top or a white v-neck t-shirt with a pink blazer, to your look.

3. Clutch. Add a smaller bag to balance out your loose boyfriend shorts. I suggest a clutch because it dresses-up the laid back look of boyfriend shorts. 

4. Accessorize. I am a fan of wearing jewelry with boyfriend shorts to add contract and femininity. A great piece would be a heavy necklace with a very simple top, e.g., gray tank top or a white fitted v neck t-shirt. 

5. Sharp contrast. Create a sharp contrast in colors. For instance, if your boyfriend shorts are dark denim, wear a very light top or if light denim, wear a very dark top. You want your look to stand out and not blend in. Styling tip: if you are extremely tan, feel free to wear similarly colored light denim with a light top; your tan is sure to stand out. 

The key when wearing boyfriend shorts is creating balance; the outfit looks so much more interesting when you combine the opposites, e.g., boyfriend shorts with a soft pink shirt, a clutch and stilettos. I hope these styling tips will help you create a more fabulous look next time you pick out your wardrobe, until next time, signing-off from New York City. Xoxo!

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