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Lace and Leather

By Amra B.

I love mixing delicate and tough fabrics together; the unpredictability of combining leather with lace makes an outfit different and special. Many designers have come back to this combination times and times again; Valentino and Jason Wu have mastered the art of softening their bold leather pieces with feminine touches of lace throughout their collections.

To make this trend summer ready, I suggest pairing up lace with (p)leather shorts or a skirt.  There are also numerous materials that have been made to look like leather but are animal friendly and much lighter, making them appropriate for hot summer days. I also love the trend of lace shirts worn with bikini top or a nude bra. They are incredibly sexy and feminine without showing off too much skin.

Below are some examples of how to combine lace and leather.  Wishing you a wonderful day!

Outfit: Shorts Zara, shirt River Island, shoes Jimmy Choo, purse Chanel, necklace Givenchy, hat H&M

Lace and Leather 

Valentino: Lace and Leather 

Jason Wu: Lace and Leather 

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