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Find the Perfect Eyebrow for Your Face Shape

By Elena Watson

If there were a single “golden rule” of beauty, it would be to know your own features inside and out, and to create a look that's designed to make them shine. All styling, be it hair, makeup, or jewelry, starts with your face – specifically the shape of your face. There are six basic face shapes: oval, round, long, square, heart, and diamond-shaped; other variations are: oblong, rectangle, and triangle.  

Each of these shapes has specific styles that look the most beautiful on them. The key to a stunning look is learning how to style your hair, makeup, and eyebrows to play up your own unique features. Eyebrows are particularly important. The right eyebrow shape can change the way your whole face shape looks! So what is the best eyebrow shape for your face? Below is a simple guide to help you determine what kind of eyebrows best suit your face shape.

Oval-shaped face: If you have an oval-shaped face, you'll look best with a softly angled brow shape. This style of eyebrow goes straight up and turns into a gently rounded curve at the top. Some classic examples of the oval face/softly angled brow combination are Jennifer Aniston, Grace Kelly, and Britney Spears. 

Eyebrows for Oval Shaped Faces

Heart-shaped face: Girls with a heart-shaped face tend to look best with a rounded brow shape. The curve of the arch softens some of the harder angles in your face, while accentuating its charming heart shape. Celebrities who've rocked this look include Gwyneth Paltrow, Miranda Kerr and Jennifer Lopez.

Eyebrows for Heart Shaped Faces

Long face: If your face is on the longer side, you probably want a flat brow shape. This creates a straight, horizontal line that makes the face appear shorter. Jessica Alba, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Monica Bellucci are all good examples of celebs who sport the flat brow shape.

Eyebrows for long shaped face
Round face: People with a round face tend to have the opposite goal – they want their face to appear longer. The way to accomplish this is with a high, arched brow shape. This kind of brow makes a straight line to the peak of the brow, creating more vertical lines in the face. Think Vanessa Williams, Kate Moss, or Marylin Monroe.

Eyebrows for round shaped face
Square face: For girls with a square face, angled brows help balance your strong jaw and give it more definition. A sharp peak at the top of your brow will also make it appear stronger. Uma Thurman, Cameron Diaz, and Christina Aguilera all have this kind of eyebrow shape. 

Eyebrows for square shaped faces
Diamond-shaped face: If you have a diamond-shaped face, you'll look best with a curved eyebrow shape. A gently rounded brow will soften the angles of your face, and make it appear less wide. Halle Berry, Salma Hayek, and Jessica Simpson are great examples of this style.

Eyebrows for diamond shaped faces
Once again, knowing your face and what styles work best for it is the key to creating a stunning look. Remember, no one face shape is better or worse than another – they all just need the right styling to look their most beautiful!

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