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Never Go Out of Style: Timeless Fashion Trends

By Elma B.

I am a huge fan of timeless looks because a year from now, you can wear these pieces and you can look at the photos without that painful thought, “what was I thinking?” What are some timeless pieces to complete your look and store in your closet for years to come? Here is the scoop…

Firstly, you must purchase quality. For a piece of clothing to last, look at the fabric composition and the way the piece was sewn. Thick and rich fabrics are a huge plus. Pieces sewn together neatly with straight lines are another check. 

Secondly, some pieces that are timeless: jean vests; leather (now pleather) pants; white collared shirts; and black stilettos. Below, I am wearing pleather pants from H&M, white blouse from Tory Burch, jean vest by Free People, the Louis Vuitton speedy, and pumps by Betsey Johnson. To match the theme of the classic and timeless outfit, I am wearing pearl earnings.

Lastly, stick to neutral colors. The goal of the timeless look is to look subtle yet elegant and chic. You can make a strong fashion statement with neutral colors and understated pieces. For instance, I picked out black, denim, and vanilla. 

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