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Spring Fashion Trends: Outfit of the Day

By Elma B.

As the spring is right around the corner, we are more than ever ready to shed the layers and enjoy the sun and our light wardrobe. Then the question begs, what is trending this spring? Let me introduce you to some trends and some timeless classics that are easy and fabulous....

1. Black lace. You can never go wrong with a black lace dress, which has all too well been used as a signature piece by Dolce & Gabbana. Black lace has has often portrayed the raw beauty and the dolce vita of Southern Italy. 

2. Hats. The spring weather makes it perfect to accessorize your outfit with a chic hat, whether you are dressing-up or casual. I suggest paying a visit to Forever 21 or Zara to pick out trendy hats.

3. Booties. Short booties with a slight heel are perfect for the spring. I love to combine them with dresses, shorts or pants. They can easily make your outfit look effortlessly chic.

4. Cardigans. Long cardigans will go a long way during the breezy spring. Styling tip: wear a belt over the cardigan to give yourself shape. 

5. Colors. Feel free to play around with colors. The spring does not have to be all about the pastels. Wear colorful pieces and feel free to tone down the colors with neutrals so your outfit is balanced and effortless. 

There you have it fashionistas, I hope you found my styling tips helpful. Signing-off from New York. Until next time...xoxo. 

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