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When in Maldives: Top 5 Travel Tips

By Rachel Burt 

Why is Maldives one of the most exotic places to visit in the world?

Maldives could be considered the number one on the list of the most sought after places to visit on the globe. Fabulous weather year round, this place consists of tiny coral reef islands with a serene atmosphere of turquoise blue water, sparkling golden sands and palm trees on every corner. It is considered one of the most romantic getaways due to its spectacular underworld, secludedness and hospitality. Be prepared to do little but snorkel the beautiful colorful waters, sun bathe and sip delicious cocktails while lounging out on a hammock on your own private roofed bungalow. But what more could you ask for when you need a week of bliss on a deserted island with your loved one. 

Maldives beach becomes sea of stars from a certain type of bioluminescent plankton, which emit light when stressed on its sea shores.
Here are some tips on what to do on this magical island... 

1. Cuisine

Pick your own breakfast from the tree and start your morning with relishing tropical fruits. Saj is a popular traditional sweet tea that is a favourite of the locals. Raa is another native drink, which is made from the sap of palm trees and sometimes fermented. Besides these two, they have every exotic fruit you could think of from mangos, coconut, papaya, kiwi, strawberries, lychee, and guava; these fruits are delicious for a smoothie or a cocktail. Their cuisine draws much influence from their close neighbors, South of India. Curries flavored with coconut are widely served and due to their 2000 species of fish, you can find fish dishes for almost every meal, including breakfast and snacks. All hotels also offer exclusive packages with explicit international menus. Eating out is very formal in the Maldives, and you can be sure to be waited on with 5 star customer service. 

2. Shopping

Male is a place in the Maldives known to host a wide range of shops for those wishing to buy souvenirs, fancy clothes, jewelry, or exotic treasures from the supermarkets.  Male has a range of stores that sell the best of jewelry, electronics, textiles, agriculture produce and fish, books, and clothes and footwear for those fashionistas. Their textile shops are known to offer every fabric, design, and color imaginable. These shops are well-worth a visit for ladies, who wish to tailor their own clothing fitting perfectly to one's shape and style. There are various boutiques that offer luxury shopping that stars are crazy about. 

3. Where to Stay

Enjoy your vacation in 5 star resorts, spas and hotels of sustainable tourism with waterfront views for fairly good prices. Activities at these resorts range from water sports, including snorkeling, diving kayaking, pedal boats, and wake-boarding, to tennis and cooking lessons.

4. Rare species

This place is a Mecca for divers who wish to see whale sharks, moray eels, butterfly fish, Manta rays and stingrays, reef sharks, dolphins, and turtles. They have over 400 fish species and other fish dwellers to discover. It seems the flora and fauna here resembles the islands; coconut, breadfruit and banana trees are amongst the wild, as are wild rabbits, palm squirrels and Indian flying foxes.

5. Star bound

Celebrities and top models from all over the world come here to enjoy this romantic getaway and undisturbed destination. If you visit, now you know where to go so you too can vacation like a star. 

Maldives at night 

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