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Club Fashionista Attends the Miami International Boat Show

By Lizbeth Perez 

While the rest of the United States has been undergoing a very extreme winter consisting mainly of rainy or snowy, cold and all around miserable winter days, I will be the first to admit that here in Miami we have been a tad bit out of touch. Our winter has been extreme yes, but by extreme I mean the weather has been amazingly nice, i.e., it has rarely dipped below 80 degrees fahrenheit (around 26 celsius). This past weekend proved to be no different and along with our picturesque waterways only solidified why our beautiful city is the perfect backdrop for its Progressive Insurance’s famous yearly boat show: The Miami International Boat Show.

This year’s show, which is considered the world’s premier boat show by experts and enthusiasts alike, dropped anchor this past Thursday, February 13 and ran through Monday, the 17th. The five-day boating extravaganza brought together over 3,000 boats, 2,000 companies and over 100,000 global visitors to three separate locations in the Miami area – The Miami Beach Convention Center, Sea Isle Marina & Yachting Center and Miamimarina at Bayside Marketplace.  Yes, there is no denying that this show is beyond massive, and it seems that just about every boat enthusiast, cottage owner and those who enjoy the outdoors make it a yearly tradition to attend. The problems associated with both traffic and parking is a true testament of this as anyone who spent any time on Miami Beach this past weekend is sure to attest. Luckily, show organizers this year remembered these same issues from previous years and offered courtesy shuttles and water taxis between the three separate venues hoping to lessen the aggravation, even if it was to no avail for most.

But, even with the nightmarish commute to any venue of the show, one look at any of the yachts or boats on display makes it evident why it is worth every otherwise torturous moment spent to get there.  This is where you go to see all of the latest and greatest in marine technology and boating trends alike regardless if your fancy happens to be a one-person kayak or a super-yacht suitable for (at least) a few dozen people.

Overall, the major trends that were noted continued toward loaded, large and luxurious. One prime example was luxury and superyacht manufacturer, Wider Yachts, unveiling their newest project: a 50 meter 165’ superyacht that will ultimately house a three-person sub.  The idea for this project was sparked when the company’s new co-owner originally ordered a 150’ yacht; but after he expressed his desire to house a unique tender onboard it became evident that there was a necessity for a larger project all together.  Wider President & CEO Tilli Antonelli, who founded the shipyard in 2010, further expanded on Wider’s philosophy by stating: “Our goal is to give our clients anything they want or need to create a yacht that is a true expression of their own unique personality, even if it means expanding the capacity of our design, engineering and construction divisions…“

Yes, this show provides an all access pass to all of its attendees to enjoy, and learn about the boating lifestyle regardless of age or experience level and really does offer something for everyone. Show Manager Cathy Rick-Joule puts it best, “…An annual tradition, the boat show offers something for buyers and dreamers alike, whether you’re in the market for a new boat, in need of the newest marine innovations, wanting to further your nautical know-how or simply enjoy some on-water fun.” I couldn’t have put it better myself…

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staci said...

I live in Miami and the boat show is nothing special, its just a bunch of old farts with retirement money looking to spend it on big boats and cars before they kick it for good, no young, outgoing, beautiful people ever go to that show (unfortunately)


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