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Top Runway Trends From New York Fashion Week

By Lizbeth Perez

New York Fashion Week is a magical time of the year for not just New Yorkers, but anyone who loves, lives or breathes fashion. Luckily for those of us who happen to feel that way, it is an event that comes not once a year, but twice, lasts several days and includes upwards of over 90 separate designers and shows. 

The semi-annual show – which runs a season ahead – ran this year from February 6 through the 13th, with not even dreadful weather or all out snow storms putting a stop to the shows; or its attendees. Yes, while many attendees actually do go to see the clothes, sometimes the fashion on the sidewalk is just as good as on the catwalk.  This was evident with the abundance of glamorous Fashionistas (sans stilettos) who brought enviable street fashion and flair to the streets of New York in full force.

Street style during New York Fashion Week 2014 (2/6-2/14)

Fashionista Naasi Baddilova 
Fashionista Nausheen Shah 

Sadly, though this week was quite thrilling, NYFW has come to a dizzying end. Luckily, it was filled with plenty of spectacular style moments (both on and off the runway) as well as awe-inspiring designs to reflect upon and look forward to. And while fall still seems quite far away, I've rounded up the top runway trends from NYFW so you can start planning months ahead…


The emerging trend for dresses, skirts and suits alike seems to be neither long nor short. In fact, the newest “it” length that most designers have agreed to for the Fall of 2014 is the very wearable midi length. But, don’t run to your closets and get rid of any of your asymmetrical hemline clothing just yet, this trend is one that has crossed over yet another season and was seen everywhere. As for pants and trousers, they have gone the way of the crop top: capris and midi length pants will be all the rage come autumn as well.

NYFW Runway Trend: Midi-Length Skirts 
Capris/Midi Length Pants 


This fall, we see fewer pieces that are meant to hug every curve; instead, designers seem to be embracing “boxier, straighter lines and cuts.” Think shift dresses reminiscent of the 1960s; wrap dresses a la DVF, and dropped shoulders and sleeves. These lines, which are crisper and much more forgiving, (for the extra pounds you may gain during the colder months) lead an air of power without sacrificing femininity. 

BCBG Fall 2014
BCBG Fall 2014
BCBG Fall 2014 


I’ve always been a fan of neutral, timeless pieces that really arrive during the fall seasons. I believe that color is fun and alive and reminds you of summer and warm weather; but winter colors are just so classy and rich overall. Designers have decided to continue with the ever-dominant blacks, browns and greys that we are used to seeing during the colder months; but have also decided to incorporate rich jewel tones in addition to unexpected pops of neon. These color pops are much subtler than what we are used to in the warmer months and seem to be restricted to the detailing of many pieces: think zippers, trimmings and belts. Other trends that were noticed was the abundance of pink and red; and their mixing which is no longer considered a fashion faux pas.

Delpozo Fall 2014


Texture and texture mixing was visible in almost every show during NYFW. Trends here were heavy on the fur, and leather seems to be here to stay. Some differences from seasons past are the incorporation of texture mixing, which is no longer evident between different textured individual pieces but has instead evolved to different texture mixing on one piece. It seemed to be a common theme to have individual pieces that incorporated elements such as leather, fur, shearling and at times even angora. Fashonistas, do not support animal torture by purchasing fur. Always opt for faux-fur. Here is why.
NYFW Runway Trend: Mixing Textures 
Texture Mixing: BCBG Fall 2014


Floral patterns continue well into fall 2014. In contrast to the dainty and colorful floral patterns that we have become accustomed to during warmer months, the floral patterns in vogue for fall and winter have an almost regal feel to them especially since the majority of these patterns were colored in deep jewel tones that would be fitting on any medieval tapestry.

NYFW: Carolina Herrera Fall 2014
Diane von Frustenberg 2014
NYFW: Carolina Herrera Fall 2014
Other patterns that seemed to be everywhere were a throwback to traditional Americana and seemed to take its cue from the denizens of some of our western or southern states and included plaid, gingham and houndstooth. Luckily, all of these tried and true patterns have been revamped to make it a little more interesting with unexpected colors and textures.


We all know that at times outerwear in general can be seen as just a coat; but other times, such as during NYFW, we realize that it can actually be a provocation for what’s underneath. Silhouettes with most outerwear were a continuation on what was seen for throughout the shows. Lines were crisp and almost boxy. In fact an emerging trend was the wrap (robe) coat with its oversized shoulders and sleeves and belts suitable for waist cinching. Dropped, rounded shouldered coats were also abundant as well as the re-emergence of the cape.

Carolina Herrera Fall 2014 
Carolina Herrera 2014

We are no longer in the age where we have to sacrifice comfort for fashion. During NYFW there was, surprisingly enough, an overall absence of the stiletto.  (Well, sort of…our friend did make a few appearances but overall they were sparse and far between) Instead, we can look forward to the comfort of chunky-healed shoes and tried and true flats such as penny loafers and oxfords.

Alexander Wang 


This year is all about statement pieces. The “IT” bags for the season seem to be the kind that will allow you to tell a story before you even open your mouth. Designers have managed to do this by embellishing (or embossing) their bags with conversational prompts such as: AMAZE, or SIZE DOES MATTER, as well as wilder (or tamer) statements. Texture also crossed over into this area where fur, leather, shearling and everything else in between was seen.

Jewelry is architectural and streamlined, gone are the days of dainty feminine jewelry. These items will surely date your look, and in the case that you’d like to incorporate this trend without breaking bank, all you really need is some wire and a wire cutter to make your own.

Socks and hosiery were everywhere, especially the kind that was deep with patterns, warm or fuzzy. Ankle socks were also dominant and visible throughout many of the shows with specific pairing with Mary Janes and oxfords.

Oxford Socks 
Page Speed 

Most shows were heavy on the drama, and though the fashion was the main focus; beauty didn’t fall behind. Bold lips, and eyes were evident everywhere, though not together. Plums, and reds were the lip color of choice while black still reigned supreme for the eyes. 

NYFW Trend: Dark Lips 
Beauty Portrayed by Jason Wu 
Beauty by Rachel Zoe 
Well, there you have it fashionistas. I hope you have enjoyed my take on NYFW and hope you are as excited as I am to wear some of these trends. Until next time xoxo…

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