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What Guy is a Good Guy to Bring Home to Mom? My Top 7 Picks

By Sarah Baker

Ever wonder if this is the guy to bring home to mom? When contemplating this decision, many things run through our heads. Is it that time in the relationship? Is he too nerdy/stuck up/redneck/rebel/etc. to bring to my family? I honestly don’t think it really matters what “type” of guy he is, it more or less matters what he can adapt to. 

In some families, the mom welcomes the guy with open arms, no matter what. In my family, you may be welcomed, but get ready to get made fun of, cause as my dad says, “it’s a good thing if I make fun of you, it means I like you, otherwise, you better be worried.”

For me, I’ve brought home my fair share of guys. I’ve brought home the studious, all around nice guy, the druggie, the military guy, the partier, the sweetheart, the “don’t care” guy, the dorky guy, and the country guy. There is also the “rebel” whom I never brought home. Given the experience with some of these guys, I never thought it a good idea to bring him to mom. Each of these guys brought a different experience for are my top newsworthy 7 experiences...

(1) The Druggie

This is never a good idea. Dating him was rough, bringing him home to mom, even worse. He was never really great to my mother and family and they treated him the same way. He quickly got the nickname “the slug” and is still referred to as so 10 years later.

(2) The Nice Guy

The experience with this guy was over all good in the mom department. She was impressed by him and generally enjoyed him being at the house. In fact, she was upset when we broke up and still, years later, brings him up in conversation. 

(3) The Military Guy

So this guy didn’t really get to visit mom much. I think he saw my mom twice during our short lived relationship since he was overseas during most of it. You would think that a military guy would have respect and such for a mother, in this case, you would be wrong. He didn’t really treat her very respectfully, nor did he treat me well in front of her, this causing her to not be a big fan.  

(4) The Partier

Bringing this guy home wasn’t too bad at first. He was pretty nice to my mom and family. It was when we got further into the relationship that it got bad to bring him around mom. When he’d party too hard and drink too much, mom wasn’t impressed. She also wasn’t impressed when he chose drinking and going out over hanging out with me and/or my family. 

(5) The Sweetheart

A great choice to bring home to mom. He brought her flowers and flattered her to pieces. He was really polite and treated me wonderfully. Unfortunately, bringing him to mom only happened a couple times as the relationship didn’t last long. Although my sisters decided to tease him by calling him Garth Brooks because his first name was Garth, and it was pretty much what they called him the entire time.

(6) The Nerd

Again, this one was short lived, so he didn’t meet mom more than once. She seemed to like his goofiness and awkwardness though. My sisters made fun of his gawkiness and the fact that he was a tall skinny guy who drove a very tiny car. 

(7) The Country Guy

Now this was a scary choice to bring home to mom. He really doesn’t care what people think, and I was afraid that he would express himself to my mom and it wouldn’t go well. Surprisingly, it went well. The fact that he sat and watched monster truck videos for hours with my little brother gave him mass bonus points. However, leave it to my sisters to do something embarrassing. The first time he came over, one of my sisters took off her clothes, yelled at him to close his eyes, then ran through the house laughing. Surprisingly, he came back. 

In my family, it never seems to be a good idea to bring someone home to mom, unless you are sure they won’t scare easily. I would advise against bringing someone home who treats you badly, drinks obsessively, or is into drugs. Those who I would recommend bringing home to mom would be the country guy and the sweetheart. 

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