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New Year's Resolution

By Amra B.

My New Year's resolutions include :
  • This year I have decided to speak my mind more often. I feel like most of my life I have kept quite in order not to offend people or to try and establish some common ground. The result was that I didn't have an opportunity to really be myself; establishing common ground too often can been detrimental to our identity.  
  • I have decided to be healthier and work out even more. I want to eat more raw food and squeeze in exercise every single day even if it does not involve intense classes I take (body attack, body combat, and body pump). I work out about 3-4 days a week, but I hope to increase this to 5-6 days. 
  • More often I will do things that scare me. I usually operate within my zone of comfort and I feel like this prevents me from growing/progressing. This year I will make it my mission to do something that scares me each day. 

Outfit* Jacket H&M, tights Marc New York, sweater Ralph Lauren, tank top Intermix, head band Nordstrom, boots Jimmy Choo, purse Burberry. 

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