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Boho-Chic in San Francisco

By Senka Haveric

Hi fashionistas!

How are you? Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday season! For me, the holidays are hectic as I am usually traveling all over the world to see family and friends. This year was no exception. I have literally been living out of my suitcase but my trip to California was worth it! I was visiting my best friend, Nadja, who lives in Los Angeles. During my trip, we made a weekend trip to San Francisco.

Me (left) With My Best Friend Nadja in San Francisco  

I absolutely loved San Francisco! It is such a beautiful city, and if you have not been, make sure to plan a trip in the near future. The city reminded me of New York City in that it had skyscrapers (the downtown area) and amazing public transportation. Obviously, it was a lot different than NYC. The West Coast is usually a lot more “chill” and my outfit inspiration comes from the general relaxed mood in California. I felt so free and did not feel the need to be super “glammed-up.” Also, the city has a lot of hippie history and culture that I wanted to emulate. I hope you like it. Stay tuned for more of my California adventures! 

Outfit dissected:

1) Tee: Forever 21
2) Top: Marshall's
3) Jacket: Maybe
4) Jeans: Gap 
5) Boots: Forever 21
6) Hat: Seeberger
7) Glasses: H&M
8) Bag: Mimco

The Golden Gate Bridge

Union Square

Friends in San Francisco 

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