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The Lonely Biscuits Interview--EXCLUSIVE for Club Fashionista

By Rachel Burt 
Edited by Jessica Miller 

"I am moving to Tennessee,” he said. “I don’t care if there’s no ocean, I can come back during the summers and surf then!” He excitedly continued, “I am going to play music and start a band, just watch me!” 

So he did...he successfully collaborated with his roommates to form an American indie band; they were the first ever winners of MTV's College Artist of the Year. The founding members are Gravy Wenrich (singer), Sam Gidley (drummer), John Paterini (lead singer), and Nick Byrd (bass player). 

The Lonely Biscuits 
"Gravy Wenrich... there was definitely something about him! He has to become famous one day," I thought. Constantly wearing the mini-circular sunglasses, sporting long hair that is well-past his shoulders, and wearing bright Rasta colored board shorts and flip-flops, I sensed the star within him.

Gravy from the Lonely Biscuits 
It was during the good ol' summer days, when I used to surf during the day and work at night at my favorite little Mexican restaurant, Pop's Garage, which was a block away from the beach in Normandy, New Jersey, where I met Gravy. He would play in the garden outside for all of our customers, and post his band stickers, “The Irie Sound,” on every street corner. 

As I got to know him throughout the years, I came to see that he is one of the funniest, most genuine and warm hearted people I know. In fact, he is an inspiration for many of us who know him personally: he pursued his dreams and made them come true! 

Together with his roommates, in America’s largest music hubs, Nashville, Tennessee, he formed a young band: “The Lonely Biscuits,” (formerly known as Gravy and the Biscuits). The band won MTV’s first ever College Artist of the Year Award.

They have created unique music by blending soul, funk and hip-hop to appeal to a wide array of people across the country. It all started with two roommates, who happened to be musicians, and had a dream to make music. 

Even though all of the band members are under 21, the Lonely Biscuits have toured all over the country and played at a variety of music festivals, shows, universities, and clubs. They won an award at the MTV Woodie's Festival in Austin, Texas and played right in my hometown at the Stone Pony, in Asbury Park, NJ. They have independently released many songs, their latest hit is a song called “A Girl Named Destiny.” My favorite hits are "Casual Vibes," "Chasing Echoes," and of course “Everybody,” a song dedicated and released after Hurricane Sandy. 

Me with Gravy Wrenich
Hence, I decided to do this interview, exclusive for Club Fashionista, to let the world know about this amazing, fresh, and young band. Here is what Gravy Wrenrich had to say...

1. Rachel Burt for Club Fashionista ("CF"): 
How would you describe your type of band? 

Gravy: We are a funk and hip-hop driven band just trying to have a good ol' time. 

2. CF: How did you come-up with the band's name? 

We were originally called Gravy and the Biscuits because my nickname is Gravy, but we had some copyright issues with that name and decided on The Lonely Biscuits.

3. CF: How did your band form? How did you decide who would sing which parts of the song since you have two singers in your band?

Gravy: The forming of the band happened pretty naturally. Sam, the drummer, and I were random roommates, and we started to jam for fun; soon, it became a full time thing once we added John and Nick. We all write the songs together and usually decide who will sing which parts. It is all a collaborative effort.

4. CF: Musicians who have influenced you the most?

Gravy: Everyone in the band is inspired by totally different kinds of music. I am currently inspired by G. Love, Earl Sweatshirt, King Krule, Tame Impala, and Toro y Moi. Other main inspirations are: Parquet Courts, Citizen Cope, Jack White, Vampire Weekend, The Roots, Duck Tails, and some older soul and jazz bands. 

5.CF: Who writes your songs, and what are most of them about?

Gravy: The whole band writes our songs, and they can be about anything, e.g., our friends, a girl, how we’re feeling, or something general we can relate to a lot.

6. CF: Describe an ordinary day in the life of Gravy and The Lonely Biscuits.

Gravy: A day in the life of The Lonely Biscuits: We usually wake-up, and go get food at Frothy Monkey; go to classes; jam a little; and try to write a song. We buy some records from Grimey’s record store here in Nashville, and kick it with some friends. 

An Ordinary Day with The Lonely Biscuits 

7. CF: How does music affect you and the life around you?

Gravy: Music affects me in everything I do. I relate everything I feel to a song I know or a song I am writing. Writing music or listening to music also helps me to release whatever I have going on that day and to relax a little. Constantly listening to music keeps you balanced and inspired as well. 

8.CF: I am hearing a lot of "Stage 5" lately; what exactly does that mean?

Gravy: Stage 5 means when a girl or guy is way too into someone and won’t leave them alone. This term could also be said as “stage 5 clinger," “stage 5er”, or “you’re an obsessed person leave me alone."

9. CF: Now that you are a well-known band, do you feel you have a lot more of "stage 5ers?" How do you cope with them and other over the top fans?

Gravy: We are still a small and growing band; with that said, yes, we have had a few stage 5 clingers but nothing dangerous... yet... just some entry level, harmless stage 5ing. 

10. CF: Do you have a lucky pair of underwear you use for your shows?

Gravy: No, I do not have a lucky pair of undies; however, I only wear boxer briefs on stage. They are less bunchy, more sweat resistant, and they just work better with the curves of my hips. 

11. CF: How do you mange with the on the go lifestyle, i.e. traveling?  Do you think it has impacted your health?

Gravy: Being a type 1 diabetic, it is challenging sometimes to balance my blood levels and diet when I am on the road. You just have to think ahead a lot and plan out what you are going to eat and bring plenty of food in the car just in case something goes wrong. We also avoid fast food at all costs, which can be challenging while driving through the middle of the country. Our staples are Chipotle and Panera. 

12. CF: Growing up on the Jersey Shore, in Normandy Beach, explain how you felt when Hurricane Sandy hit.

Gravy: When Hurricane Sandy hit, I was in Nashville and felt helpless watching my hometown get wrecked on the news. It was a really rough couple days for everyone. 

13.CF: You guys released a song after the storm, how come you waited until after the hurricane? Tell us about the response you received after the release of this song.

Gravy: We released a song and a video that we had recorded the previous summer. We weren’t planning on releasing the song until the hurricane hit, and then we realized that the song was made to help the people on the East Coast cope with their losses. There was a lot of fate involved in the recording and releasing of that song, and I feel that something was looking over and used us to give that feel good message to the people, who needed it the most. 

We received emails from fans for months telling us that the song and video helped them to cope through the rough times. We were able to raise $3,000 through the song for relief efforts. 

Words of Advice for Young Aspiring Musicians

14. CF: I remember you as a teenage boy, 14 years old, playing at little local restaurants and venues with a big dream. Now that you have received significant publicity through your songs and the MTV awards, what advice do you have to give to young aspiring musicians?

Gravy: Some words of advice would be: if you love playing music, never stop going for it. I played music for 10 years before anything happened with it, and you just need to meet the right people and keep driving.

There is no written path for musicians to follow to success, but if you are meant to be playing music, and you stick with it as long as you can, then the time will come. Write songs, jam with friends, play as many open mics and shows as you can, and USE THE INTERNET. 

My band would not be anywhere if it weren’t for the Internet. In the past, people had to be found by a record label in order to blow-up. Now, you have millions of people sitting on their computers searching for new music everyday. 

Make YouTube videos, make a Facebook Page, make a Twitter profile, put songs-up on Soundcloud for people to download for free. PUT CONTENT OUT. If it is good, people will spread it and eventually, the right ears will hear it. All you need is one big blogger or someone in the music industry to find it, and good things will happen.

The Lonely Biscuits at the MTV Awards 
15. CF: What would be your dream life? Are you already living it?

Gravy: I am headed in the right direction to make my dream life a reality but I still have a lot of work to do to get there. I would love to be able to support myself and a family with my music, and I would love to tour the world for months at a time, and then go home to see my family for a few months. 

Also, I want to establish myself in the music industry enough so that I can become a successful producer for other artists. Moreover, I have a huge passion for film. So ultimately, I want to be a touring, successful musician, who makes movies and hangs with his family on the beach in his spare time. 

16. CF: Anything you would like to share about your future shows/tours and albums?

Gravy: We are currently writing more music this winter but we have no set release dates or plans. We will be touring a lot throughout the spring and summer, including some big festivals, which I am excited about. 

Last words please......

Stay Gravy!

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