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How to Dress for Freezing Weather Without Loosing Your Style

By Elma B.

I used to think because it was frosty outside that beneath all those layers of clothes your style would vanish. Worst, the puffy jacket that makes so many of us look like a marshmallow, wouldn't it subdue your shape and make you look like you have gained a few extra holiday pounds? Not exactly...let me share some style tips with you:

Me: Location-- Freezing in Aspen 
1. Acessorize. Accessorize. No matter how puffy your outfit, your style will penetrate through with a statement hat (beanie or boho), sunglasses or even gloves/scarf. 

2. Contrast. Even though your coat is oversized, which is actually very in-season now, wear tights to show off at least a bit of your figure. So, yes, people will notice that you are not a "hog," so to speak. 

3. Colors. Add color to your wardrobe. Just because it is winter, you do not have compromise color and look like you are going to a funeral all the time. Yes, you can toss away the black, gray and brown once in a while. Understand what colors look best with your skin tone and hair color.

4. Makeup. Since many of us are pale during the winter, add red (or another bright or intense colored) lipstick. Again, intense color contrasts well with your pale complexion... Avoid looking like Casper.

5. Belt your jackets/coats. Depending on the shape of the jacket/coat, see if you can belt it to give you give you some shape, i.e. show off your curves.  

I hope you found my tips useful. Please leave a comment below with your own suggestion, we love hearing from you. Until next time, signing-off from Aspen...xoxo.

In front of the Aspen Mountain: Ajax Gondola 

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