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New Year's Resolution: Life's Little Celebrations

By Sammy Jade

Apart from the iconic and much anticipated holiday surroundings, the New Year brings with it a chance for reflection, appreciation and an opportunity for much needed change! It provides us with hindsight of the year past, and ultimately a clearer understanding of what we want for ourselves in the future. 

Me (in Australia)
for My Mum's Surprise Birthday Party
For me, 2013 was a very memorable year for a lot of reasons, teaching me more about myself than I ever could have expected, and granting me a higher appreciation for all the amazing people I have to keep me grounded, supported and motivated. 

What better way to have ended the year than to have had so many of our close family and friends gather to celebrate a surprise birthday for my mum. The night could not have gone any better; with an ocean view landscape, warm weather, drinks flowing, music playing, and of course fairy lights, it was an amazing start to a great send off for 2013. 

My Mum's Surprise Birthday Celebration 

Birthday Treats 
Very unexpectedly, the surprise was kept a secret until the very last moment, so planning my outfit was something that had to be done very strategically; something that reflected the occasion, but wouldn't arouse suspicion. 

Outfit Dissected: 

I decided to go with a shorter, more flowing dress to reflect the beach vibe epitomised within the location and the decor.

Lace necklines are very popular at the moment; I love the simple elegance it adds to a look, without creating an older vibe that lace is also associated with. Combine this element with the pure white of the dress, the sheer material and the movement it created, for me, this was a winning combination. 

With the lace detail, it meant that accessories weren't a necessity with this look, I chose to stick to my simple daily bracelets, allowing my gold Marc Jacobs watch to take the spotlight, and adding a few rings to create a more boho feel and sweeping my hair into loose curls at the side as a way to show off the entire neckline of the dress. 

Lessons Learned in 2013:

Looking back, 2013 has definitely taught me many lessons that will be carried  with me throughout my life. 

I have learned that as important as it is to plan and prepare for the future, life is also all about living for the moment; enjoying everything while it lasts and revelling in the happiness and vivaciousness as it is happening. 

I have learned that when it comes to friendships, quality overrides quantity always, and in particular, how blessed I am for those that have been there for my successes, brushed the dirt off me when I have fallen, and given me the extra push that I have needed to believe in myself. 

And finally, I have learned that only I am responsible for my own happiness; self satisfaction, appreciation, and aspiration manifestations begin with positive thinking and a desire for change and improvement. 

So here is to 2014! The year of surrounding yourself with the ones who raise you up to be the best version of yourself, to achieving your dreams and ambitions, to the many doors waiting to be opened, to revelling in the happiness and life's little divulgences. 

Me with Friends 
But most importantly; heres to enjoying the journey ahead (and hopefully sticking to one of our New Year's resolutions along the way!). 


Sammy Jade
Instagram: @howtoruninstilettos

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