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Last Day of Winter Vacation in Aspen

By Amra B. 

I spent one of my last days in Aspen soaking in the sun and working in a little-cozy-local cafe. My winter vacation was truly magical: I got to spend time with my family, went skiing on some amazing slopes, and ate incredibly fresh (healthy food) from Colorado. However, the most wonderful aspect about Aspen was meeting some astonishingly intelligent, talented, and CARING people. I had forgotten how nice it is to speak to total strangers and share your experience just to find out HOW MUCH you have in common. 

Now, I am back in my parents home and getting ready to leave for London. I have truly had a moment of self-revelation this winter break and I hope this feeling continues. Oh, I almost died in couple of instances… BUT, maybe it is these difficult situations that force us to find out most about ourselves. So, in words of Kelly Cutrone from her book (If You Have to Cry, Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You): "When you think you are having a breakdown, you might really be having a breakthrough."

Wishing you an incredible week. :)

Outfit***Jacket Burberry, tights Bershka, scarf Ann Taylor, boots Uggs, purse Louis Vuitton, sunnies Dolce&Gabbana, gloves vintage, earring H&M 

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