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Top 5 Trending Travel Destinations

By Rachel Burt
Edited by Sarah Baker 

Have you ever traveled somewhere that someone told you was "the best," only to leave wondering, what were they thinking? 

With the world becoming flat, many destinations are becoming too crowded and taking on a dated reputation, thus not making it a unique experience. Below is a list of the top 5 trending travel destinations to help you make the best out of your vacation. 

Top 5 Trending Exotic Destinations!


Decorated in white buildings and complimented with blue skies and blue waters, and delicious Mediterranean food. There are many outside bars with music playing from sunset till dawn and surrounded by golden skinned locals. Greece may be one of the most exotic destinations, not just in Europe, but in the world. They have plenty of lavish hotels and idyllic villas to chose from ranging in prices and quality for both the backpacker and more luxurious traveler. I'd say the way to get the best experience would be to visit the city of Greece first, experiencing their culture and heritage, and then visit the islands via island hopping. The islands of Greece are pretty close together and offer easy interchanges to make an exciting journey. 

You can start with hiking through the mountains of Crete, visit the clear seas of Santorini, then head on over to discover all the myths and legends of Odysseis on Ithatha. Greece has destinations to suit every type of visitor. Can you imagine sipping Ouzo and eating fresh hummus at a candlelight dinner? How about sitting up on a high cliff looking out into the starry dark sky and watching the light shine from the small windows in you tavern? It’s a magical mystery tour!


I really don't know what could be closer to paradise than the beaches of Bali.  Reminiscing the tales of the movie Eat, Pray, Love, Bali is now attracting all kinds of tourists. Surfers, backpackers, the wealthy, the spiritual, the soul searchers, and the honeymooners alike can’t resist the pull of Bali. Located in the waters of southern Asia, the Indonesian island is a complete explicit landscape; including volcanic lakes, cultural architecture and design, and Buddhist temples. There is a rich history to discover as well as surfing, rice fields, snorkeling, top yoga and spa retreats, and the most beautiful scenery you could imagine. 

It’s more than a place, it’s a mood, giving you aspiration and another state of mind. They have everything to offer from hotels, villas, bungalows, hostels and surf camps. Feeling like being out on your own? Why not rent your own house with friends right on the beach for the cheapest price in the world?! Walking around late night you will find they have all kinds of amazing restaurants to choose from, offering food from all over the world. With hopping bars, lounges, and concerts, you will find something to do almost every night. Looking for a spiritual awakening? Head to the Balinese temples and green tours in Lombok. Feeling adventurous? Go climb their rocky mountains, snorkel the warm colorful waters, surf the most amazing waves, discover rural villages, and meet some of the kindest locals in the world.  Just make sure that you carry around a banana and hold on tight to your camera, Bali is filled with monkeys who know how to take and run!


A little tiny speck on the map off the southern African coast, located right in the middle of the Indian Ocean is Seychelles, an ideal location for a romantic getaway. Just north of Madagascar, the 115-islands of Seychelles, or previously know as "Garden of Eden," scatter across the ocean, each island composed of different natural fields of lush green vegetation, rock islands and coral seas. One half of the land is protected as a nature reserve, ideal for those interested in Ecotourism. It is so isolated from the rest of the world, that many birds and species here are endemic and cannot be found anywhere else.  Unlike so many tropical islands around the world, Seychelles does not pride itself in their indigenous cultures, as they were not settled until the 1700's by French Colonists. Nowadays you will see many ethnic groups reflected here such as the African slaves imported from mainland, Arab mariners, and old maps left from Portuguese settlers. These cultures brought their own music, dance and religion, allowing Seychelles to have a wide range of local music to listen to with blends of African, European, Indian, Arabic and even Chinese styles. Instruments such as violins, African drums, and banjos can be heard while lounging away on these secluded beaches.

Ferando de Norohna, Brazil

What culture makes you feel more sexy and passionate about life than Brazilians? When most of us think of Brazil, we think of the crowded beaches of Rio de Janeiro, playing soccer against voluptuous woman in their tiny bikinis, sipping beer, dancing samba and staring out at the rugged city. What if you could have all that culture and beauty, but away from all the crowds? 

Ferando de Norohna is a secret spot 200 miles off the coast of Brazil. An island where only 240 people are allowed on at a time, all of whom are required to pay environmental taxes to preserve the beauty. Sounds crazy to go somewhere and have to pay taxes each day you are present, right? That's what keeps this place so allure and exotic to visit. It has great diving with brilliant flora and fauna and many dolphins and sea turtles. You would stay at a "Pousadas," which is similar to a bread and breakfast or bungalow. Here you will enjoy their famous "cafĂ© da mahna" (breakfast) which most likely will include fresh squeezed juices,  orange, pineapple, passion fruit guava or Acai, real non-imported Brazilian coffee, fresh baked bread, eggs, cheese, tropical fruit and maybe one of their special sweet desserts! It is a very rare opportunity to be allowed on the island, so grab a chance while you can!

Lofoton Islands of Norway

Why does it always have to be warm sunny beaches to be exotic?  One of my favorite and the most breathtaking places I’ve visited are the Lofoton Islands of Norway. Norwegians are economically ahead of most countries, thus not making it a cheap getaway, though it is very intriguing to experience such an intelligent, beautiful, and healthy culture. The people of Norway are very friendly. The language spoken is Norwegian, although with the majority of people being highly educated, you will find almost everyone speaks English. They have some of the most beautiful woman in the world, probably due to their healthy living standards and diets. You'll be able to notice right away when stepping off the plane into that fresh air and unspoiled beauty of coastline, fjords, and valleys that they are a leader in environmental policies. 

There are many activities to take part in such as boat rides around the coastline, bicycling in the wild mountains, snowboarding, skiing, and venturing in the small fishing villages and visiting the countryside. They have some of the freshest fish to offer such as Norwegian salmon and Bacalho (Codfish), and some of the freshest berries and yogurt I've ever tasted. They also have cheese and chocolate farms all over! I ate over at a local’s house who hosted her favorite special dinner one night. It was very simple but truly delicious. She served fresh fettuccini pasta, topped with a crispy fried salmon, broccoli, and a raw egg on the side for cracking open over the meal to give it a creamy texture. 

In most countries you could not eat a raw egg like that, but since Norway has such fresh food, it was possible! On the islands of Lofoten, you can find retreats and small intimate hotels to stay at that have saunas and outdoor Jacuzzis. If visiting between the months of November and February, you may even be able to catch a glimpse of the Northern lights shimmering across the night sky. This is a once in a chance phenomena only visible from the Northern hemisphere.

Whether you want to visit an exotic location such as Greece, experience the paradise of Bali, have a romantic getaway in Seychelles, view the culture and beauty of Fernando de Norohna, or the breathtaking beauty of the Lofoton Islands of Norway, if you choose to visit one of these destinations, you are sure to leave having the best time in the best place!

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