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PERSONAL Review: When in London…

By Elma B. 

When in London...

My Review of the Victoria & Albert Museum

When traveling to London one of the iconic land marks is the Victoria and Albert Museum, which is located in Knightsbridge and conveniently only minutes walking distance from the enormous-luxury department store, Harrods. 

With Christmas and New Years around the corner, the Victoria and Albert Museum has superbly decorated its entrance hall with a red Christmas tree and a colorful Christmas ornament “chandelier.” 

Me with the Red Christmas Tree
at Victoria and Albert Entrance Hall 
Holiday "Chandelier" at V&A
Entrance Hall of Victoria and Albert Museum
During the Holidays 
I strongly advise you to visit Victoria and Albert Museum because of its breadth and width of exhibitions spanning from Asia to the Americas; in another words, it has something for everyone. One of my favorites is the Egyptian exhibition where you can see the ginormous columns (to give you a perspective, they make a human being look like a tiny dot) and pharaoh’s sarcophaguses from ancient Egypt. 

Ginormous Egyptian Columns
Another one of my favorites is the China exhibitions with all the giant statutes of Buddha. With all the light marble, the exhibition rooms are gems on their own. 

Inside the Victoria and Albert Museum
(The white marble in this exhibition was sublime) 

Outfit Dissected: 

For the fashionistas, my outfit: Stuart Weitzman suade boots; H&M faux-fur vest; checkered Zara blazer; Bali purse; and Wolfrod tights. Fashion tip: mix and match luxury brands with high street brands, which makes the best combinations and is not as harsh on your credit card. 

Stay warm and fabulous, until next time, XOXO. 

Outfit Details: Bali Purse and Forever 21 Jewelry 

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