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The Best of 2013

By Amra B. 

2013 has been a crazy year for me: there were ups and downs, amazing moments and those that I wish didn't happen. I traveled a lot this year, met some amazing people, lost my baby Mede (my dog), discovered body attack and body combat classes, learned how to eat healthy even in the most difficult situations (like when I am traveling and there is no access to healthy food), and started a tradition of taking time and refueling myself by visiting inspiring places. 

Some of the most important life lessons that I learned this year: 

  • Your life is a reflection of your state of mind
  • Don't take yourself too seriously 
  • Those who accept their destiny don't deserve a better destiny
  • Life knocks you out, but the difference between those who are happy/fulfilled and those who are not is how many times they get up afterwards
  • If you want an incredible life, you have to build it yourself
  • There is no secret to incredible body, you just have to work hard in the gym and stop putting trash in your mouth
  • Never settle; there is always incredible people, places, and activities out there for you to discover
  • Many of us were just born lucky and some were never given a chance; if you have your health, freedom, and a safe home, you are exceptionally lucky! 
  • Praise your accomplishments; there are many things that you have done incredibly well this year! 

Wishing you a very happy 2014! May you be healthy, happy, and may all your dreams come true! 


2012 New Years Eve in Aspen, Colorado: Entered 2013 Happy 

Enjoyed first days of 2013 in Aspen with family 

Enjoyed some winter holidays in 2013 in St Moritz, Switzerland

St Moritz, Switzerland

London, UK in February 2013: last winter was quite cold

Mayfair, London in March 2013 was a little cold and rainy

 London, UK Spring 2013: Spring always brings beautiful moments 

Visited Costa Rica in Spring 2013

Fell in love with Costa Rica's beautiful black sand beaches 

Costa Rica, Spring 2013

Visited Paris, France in spring 2013: got to see one of my best friends 

Paris, France (Spring 2013)

Back in London, made a Richoux a tradition on Sunday mornings (breakfast and Marie Claire)
Summer 2013: Lost my baby. The love of my life…I say that this is the best moment because she taught me how to love unconditionally. She made me prioritize and reflect on what really matters. Now I only dedicate most of my time to those who I love the most. 

St Tropez, France Summer 2013: got to spend some great moments in one of my fav summer spots

Summer 2013: Monaco is one of my favorite summer destinations

St. Tropez, Summer 2013: Fell in love with life (and French language) 

Summer 2013: Visited beautiful vineyards in South of France

Back in London (summer 2013): enjoyed the rest of the summer in my neighborhood in Mayfair 
Fell in love with Saatchi gallery (London). Now I am a regular almost every weekend when I am in UK. :)

In fall 2013, I visited Washington DC: my college town and one place I can also call home :)

Fall 2013, I learned how to pack: my tip is to always bring lots of shoes and bags. They make for a great ensemble. :)

Fall 2013: I was in Miami B*tch. :)

Fall 2013: I discovered some secret spots (in Miami )

Fall 2013: Visited South Beach, Miami 

Spent a lot of time on airplanes... My tip for jet lag is lots of water and green tea (instead of coffee). 

Fall 2013: Spent some amazing moments with my family in my parents home in USA

Fall 2013: "Cooked" some great lunch for my family! Spending time with my family was definitely my highlight of 2013! 

Fall 2013: Visited some great spots in country side next to my parents home! 

Fall/Winter 2013: visited Chicago with my girls! I cherish this trip because I got the spend time with my childhood friend! :)

Fall/Winter 2013: With my girls in Chicago for Halloween. One of the best moments of 2013! :)

Winter 2013: Enjoyed London and the Christmas decorations! 

Winter 2013: Learned how to seize rainy and cold weekends in London.  

Winter 2013: Made it back to Aspen for a family vacation

Winter 2013, Aspen: Hit the slopes like a champion! :)

Today (Aspen): I am out and about preparing for the New Years Eve
Wish you all the best in 2014! :)

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