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Skiing in Aspen: Buttermilk Good

By Elma B.

We decided to spend this holiday season in one of the most enchanting towns in the world: Aspen, Colorado. I could not wait for this trip, which I anticipate all year long. Aspen is a perfect to spend the holidays (and beyond) because it is cozy, full of interesting people and fun (from skiing to parties). 

Skiing in Aspen
Thus far, I have tried out all of the mountains (except Aspen Mountain), and I must say that Buttermilk is my favorite. It is the most junior but the paths span for miles and miles. The views on all of the mountains: Highlands, Snowmass and Buttermilk are astounding. You have a preview of the views as you ascend with the ski lifts of the white peaks of the Colorado mountains.

I will let you sneak a peak into my tripe thus far: from Chicago to Aspen with love! Until our next adventure, XOXO!

Ready to Go...
6am (My iPhone Photo): Flying Over Chicago
Sisters: On the Plane, Ready for Aspen 
Buttermilk Good 
Ski Lift View
Sisters on Ski Lift

View Baby :D

After Ski Healthy: Kale Salad at Little Nell

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