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Plastic Surgery in Miami: the Good, the Bad and the Just Plain Ugly

By Lizbeth Perez
Edited by Sarah Baker 

Plastic Surgery in Miami: 
The Good, the Bad, and the Just Plain Ugly

Recently the world was shocked by the discovery that Marilyn Monroe may not have been as “naturally beautiful” as we all thought. There is evidence that she could have had a cartilage chin implant and rhinoplasty. In Hollywood nowadays, this is the norm. Most people have had minor work done, such as Botox or hair extensions, while others elect to have major surgeries, such as breast augmentations and rhinoplasties. Because of this, plastic surgery may start in Hollywood, but is certainly doesn’t stay there. 

Marilyn Monroe Before and After Plastic Surgery 

X-Ray Showing Marilyn Monroe's Jaw Implant 
Plastic Surgery in Miami

Welcome to Miami, where aesthetic beauty surrounds us everywhere you look. This is reflected in architecture like Biscayne Bay skyline and art deco on South Beach, in nature like the abundant beaches and palm trees, and even in the plethora of fit people parading down the streets of South Beach. Some are dressed in itsy-bitsy bikinis or others in fitted tees outlining almost every muscle on their upper body.

Yes, this may sound surreal but this is everyday life in Miami. And yes, these people are real, at least somewhat. 

For every stunningly beautiful person you see on South Beach, it should come at no surprise that there was some sort of "upgrade" involved.  Some go with the “I didn’t have work done” look with hair extensions and Botox. Others go for the “look at me” extreme makeovers.

Driving on Biscayne Boulevard in Miami, there are many strategically placed billboards that advertise plastic surgery.  Plastic surgeons even advertise their "specials." They place larger than life before and after pictures of patients who have undergone rhinoplasty, breast augmentations, and Bazillion Butt Lifts. Miami is a melting pot, we are a sexy city and its inhabitants have a reputation to maintain.

Now what exactly happens when you can’t afford plastic surgery? In Miami, you can either pay an absurdly high interest rate (and fall deep into debt); or you can travel to many nearby out of country destinations that offer incredibly low prices for plastic surgery procedures (which may not be as safe). The plain ugly are the botched jobs sometimes performed in a nightmare setting akin to a back alley by an unlicensed plastic surgeon. Hence, it is extremely important to triple check the accreditation of a plastic surgeon. Be very careful with plastic surgery as plastic surgery gone wrong is what you do not want to experience and very often what you cannot fix.

Stats on Plastic Surgery

For as many botched stories of plastic surgery that there are, there are that many success stories. Some plastic surgeries have been done so well that the outside world can barely notice. The patient looks naturally beautiful, and the tourists that visit Miami just assume that they are another example of the natural beauty that is abundant in Miami.

According to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 13,828,726 cosmetic procedures, including the minimally invasive as well as the surgical, were done in the U.S. last year. That's a 5% increase over 2012.

This increase comes with the help of four things: access, attitude, advancement, and acceptance. With easier access to research and consultations, the constant need to improve ourselves and our confidence, the advancements and accessibility of plastic surgery, and the acceptance of it not only from Hollywood but from people all around, more and more people are willing to go under the knife to achieve the “perfect body.” It makes us feel better knowing that the “perfection” we see in Hollywood can be achieved if we have enough money.

Why Go Under the Knife?

There are many questions to ask before you make the decision to have plastic surgery. Why do you want to change yourself? Is the surgery really for you or for someone else? Who is to say that the new you is the better version of you? According to your own standards or society’s? In order to figure out what is best for you, you should set up a consultation with a professional.

Thanks to more and more celebrities in Hollywood having plastic surgery and many of those not caring that we know that they had it, it is becoming increasingly popular to have plastic surgery, whether it be a major or minor surgery. With that, the trend is spreading quickly to Miami, where flawless bodies and near perfection are a staple. Before taking that step to a “flawless body,” remember that plastic may be good for Barbie but not for you!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

this post comes off very jealous, I have lived in Miami for 20 years and went to school there, and the prettiest/hottest women I have met there have had NO work done Miami models like Kelly Gray, Alexandra Genis, Leann Crupi, Ashley Tice, Estefania Serrano have had absolutely no work done also all of the miami models who work for Elite, Wilhelmina, Mega, how do I know? I grew up with beautiful girls all around in middle and high school in south florida, no 13 year old girl has plastic surgery, no matter what jealous, insecure girls try to say about them or try to convince themselves of... also celebrities and models visit Miami galore and they're sole job is to look good. They work out vigorously and work hard to EARN their good looks not buy them.

I LOVE how tourists visit miami and then leave all bitter and insecure, writing negative reviews about how "snobby" miamians are, how fake they are and how plastic they are, accusing innocent people of leasing their expensive cars and having no real money and buying their pretty noses or bombshell bodies, (well millionaires and billionaires DO live in south Florida and naturally beautiful women DO live in South Florida as well, actually seems to me the highest concentration of beautiful people live in SoFlo) trying to convince everyone that all of the beautiful girls in Miami are plastic, they're NOT, there are just as many naturally pretty and beautiful girls in Miami as there are plastic ones. Miami is named as being the city with the most beautiful women in the entire United States, it is because the celebrity culture, the sunshine, the beautiful blue skies are like no other in the country, clean air, clean water, the beaches and south beach attracts the hottest of the hot, the prettiest of the pretty and the richest of the rich. Even Adriana Lima has family living in Miami and is spotted there often, as well as models like Olga Kent and Julia Pereira. Maybe I read the post incorrectly but it comes off as very disparaging and insecure.


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