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Can Money Buy Love?

By Rachel Burt
Edited by Sarah Baker

Money v. Love

Can money buy love? It’s a question that many people are posed with during their lives. I am two sided on this issue. Let me explain...

Love Cannot Be Bought

There’s the couple who were married and let the credit card debt pile-up. They moved into a new house and the husband used his credit card for the sake of love. He bought new furniture, a brand new car, fancy clothes, remodeled the kitchen, and so much more. Ten years later, his wife wanted a divorce. The husband was angry and resentful. He spent all his money so that his wife didn't have a care in the world, but it wasn’t enough. In this instance, money cannot buy love. No matter how much money you spend on romantic dinners, roses, and expensive jewelry, if you are not in love, money will eventually fade.

Me (bottom left)
With Love Money Does Matter

Those who are madly in love can eventually be broken up if they have no money. I witnessed a couple, who for them it was love at first sight. They got along beautifully. They enjoyed many adventures in life, laughing and being completely happy with one another.

Unfortunately, they were from different countries. Their three year relationship was filled with months apart at a time because of money. One was stable, the other owed a lot of money. They had to work hard and struggle everywhere they went to try to keep up with the other. He’d save up money to visit but when it ran out, he had to return home and start saving all over again. This routine would clearly get old. Separation on and off due to lack of money kept them sad, tired, and angry as well as put a burden on their relationship.  They have decided that each has to follow their own passion and find a career to stick to. If they are meant to be, then they will be. Therefore, saying that love cannot be maintained, at least in this situation, without money.

Importance of Balance: Love + Money

I do not believe money can buy love and that love is more important than money. If you are stable in life and doing what you love, then money will help your love life. Fights over money are taxing and unwanted. One might start to resent the other, regardless of the distance, if one is paying for everything while the other can’t afford to do their part. It’s all about balance. You have to make sure that you keep up with your own life and everything will eventually fall into place. You can’t let love blind you or eventually you may stop following your own destiny and money could destroy you.

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