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My Christmas Wishlist

***Videos in ENGLISH and BOSANSKI 

By Amra B. 

What do you wish for this Christmas? I wish to smell oh-so-fabulous! :) I believe that perfumes make a great Christmas present because they are an extension of our personalities. Also, perfumes can impact our mood: research has shown that our brain connects a scent to a memory. Furthermore, the way we smell can also influence how other people perceive us: research shows that individuals wearing particular scents are often regarded as more sophisticated, likable, sexy and even competent. 

I like to wear a different perfume almost every day: I feel that switching scents prevents me from getting used to one and loosing the ability to smell it on my skin. I also wear different perfumes during day and night. During the day, I like to wear lighter perfumes that have a citrus or vanilla note. Perfumes with a citrus note make me feel energized, while vanilla calms me down. For a night out, I choose sophisticated and more intense perfumes. Wearing an intense version of some perfume makes me feel pretty and sexy. In the evening, I also like to be able to smell a perfume on me at all times and have others notice it as well when they lean over to talk or give a kiss on the cheek to say "hello." 

Below is a video of some of my scent picks for this Christmas. 




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