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City Glam: Outfit of the Day

By Elma B.

When going out the timeless color combination-- gold, black and red-- is never a bad idea.  Those three colors are easy enough to pair to have a glamours outfit, whether for a cocktail party or a night out in the city. Styling tip: almost any outfit can be extraordinary with statement of accessories. Here, I paired two sparkly head bands, which I actually recycled from Halloween. Then I added an owl necklace and what looks like a giant vintage penchant. Also, another "it" piece this winter, which is extremely easy and comfortable to wear is my black jumpsuit. 

Outfit dissected: jumpsuit and necklaces-Forever XXI; coat-Saks Fifth Avenue; headbands- Icing; lipstick and eyeshadow-KIKO; booties: Zara. There you have it fashionistas, have a positive and fabulous Sunday. Until next time...XOXO!

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