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Adventures in New York: Long Island

Hello fashionistas,

How did you spend your weekend? 

I had the opportunity to visit New York this weekend and spend time with my friends, whom I had not seen in a long time. My best friend, Maxine, lives on Long Island, so on Saturday we decided to go on a little adventure nearby. 

We were sitting at Maxine's house wondering what we wanted to do when I suggested we go to the beach. Living in Washington D.C, you never really have the opportunity to see the beach (well not as often as I would like), and I have always loved beaches in the winter. Maxine's friend suggested we go to an abandoned military base near the town of Breezy Point. I was terrified of the prospects on visiting an abandoned military base, which has been blocked-off...and then I thought "I am totally in!" 

Me at the Abandoned Military Base  
View from the Top Bunker
Below are some pictures of our adventure at the rustic and abandoned military base. It was extremely chilly and windy since we were close to the water but it was totally worth it. 

Hope you enjoy my photos! Until next time...

New York Beaches
Beautiful During Sunset 
Destruction left after Hurricane Sandy

Me (right) with My Best Friend Maxine (left)

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Anonymous said...

This is pretty cool. The third to last photo looks appealing; it's as if your positioned perfectly on the left for a perfume ad in a magazine during the winter season.


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