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Body Shapes and What to Wear: Beach Coverups

By Amra B. 

In St. Tropez, I noticed that many women wear coverups while walking on the beach, grabbing a drink at the pool bar, and/or walking around the city. Some of these girls are in top shape but they seem to be fond of the glam looking knitwear, scarves, dresses, and shorts. Also, I noticed that many girls like the beach coverups to be sheer so that the bathing suits show.  The coverups usually compliment (not hide) their bodies. 

My Favorite Type of a Coverup 

If I like something, I get it in two colors… :)

These pink short overalls are perfect for lunch on the beach 

I am a big fan of coverups for lunching at the beach, walking around the port, or strolling on the beach. Below are some photos of my coverups as well as suggestions on different coverups to wear this summer.

SO, what type of cover up should I wear this summer?  

  • (1) Wide Hips: for the ladies that like to cover up on the bottom, I suggest a long maxi skirt, crochet wide pants, or a long scarf. 

  • (2) Large chest and a tummy: I suggest wearing a flowy long tank top or a crochet short dress

  • (3) Curvy (large chest and wide hips): curvy ladies look great in see-through long or mid length maxi dresses

  • (4) Boyish build: belted dresses and high waisted shorts give an appearance of a curvier body

  • (5) Slim: Stripes, cut out large tank shirts, tank tops, and cut out shorts look great on slim girls 

Hope you enjoy your days spent at the beach!


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