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Outfit Idea: Jeans, T-Shirt and a Hat

By Merima Ramadanovic

Sometimes, fashion does not have to be complicated or overly dramatic. In fact, you can have a very fashionable look with very simple items: jeans, t-shirt and a hat. 

As a professional model, I can tell you that it is more about your attitude than the exact clothing you are wearing. Another tip, wear a t-shirt that makes a statement. For instance, here I am wearing a New York Herald Tribune, a newspaper that ceased to exist in 1966, t-shirt. I will let you think about why I chose this t-shirt! :-) 

Also, the top model Cara Delevingne, who is one of my favorites, has been spotted wearing many statement t-shirts. Take a look below for some simple outfit ideas, remember all that matters is the attitude you bring to the table!  

Statement T-Shirt
Cara Delevigne in a Statement T-Shirt 

Jeans, T-Shirt & Hat Outfit Idea
Cool Hat With a T-Shirt and Jeans 

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