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My 3 Tips for Healthy Nails

By Paulina Fornovi

Good morning! As a professional make-up artist, it is very important that I keep my nails healthy, clean and strong. I have been following nail care trends, and here are some of my suggestions...

1. Keep your fingernails dry and clean to avoid having bacteria, fungi and other organism from growing underneath your fingernails. Wear cotton line rubber gloves when cleaning, e.g. washing dishes or using chemicals to clean your tubs or sinks. 

2. Trim and file your fingernails on a regular basis. The easiest time for me to file and trim my fingernails is when they are soft, e.g. after a shower or a bath.

3. Use moisturizer and rub the lotion into your fingernails and cuticles. 

After completing my own nail beauty ritual, I love to go to a salon and have a manicure done. One of the best nail salons in Madrid is Your Nails. I have to brag about them since every time I walk out of the salon, I am very satisfied and have a huge smile on my face. 

The reason Your Nails is my favorite is because it is a salon that specializes in nails, that is innovative and creative with all the latest beauty trends and most importantly--very clean (it sterilizes all of its tools used during your procedure). 

My finished manicure at Your Nails 
I have the utmost faith in them! Girls, you will look at your hands as if though they were sparkling jewels; and Your Nails provides great customer perks! For instance, I received a surprise gift: precious earrings! 

Customer Card for Perks at Your Nails 

Customer Card at Your Nails
My Surprise Gift: Earrings 

My Surprise Gift 
The manicure at Your Nails lasts me between three weeks to a month. It is a pristine nail salon in Madrid. During my last visit, I decided to buy a gift card for my best friend. 

Gift Card from Your Nails

Gift Card from Your Nails 
The customer service at Your Nails is great each time I visit. Their treatments are unique and are of amazing quality.   

If you are interested in more information about Your Nails, write me at  

My manicure by Your Nails 

En Español:

¡Buenos días!

Uñas Top 10.
Your nails es un centro de belleza Top 10.

Tengo máxima fidelidad con ellos, ¿Por qué?:

1. Las chicas a nuestra disposición no pierden su sonrisa.

2. Cuidan mis manos como si fueran joyas.

3. Proporcionan una tarjeta de cliente con ventajas.

Tarjeta cliente.
Tarjeta cliente.
4. Siempre tienen un detalle sorpresa. ( Él último unos pendientes preciosos).

Detalle sorpresa.
5. La manicura me dura entre tres semanas y un mes.

6. El local es impoluto.

7. Your Nails pone a nuestra disosición una tarjeta regalo.

Tarjeta regalo.

Tarjeta regalo.

8. Se preocupan por el cliente.

9. Los tratamientos son de alta calidad e inigualables.

10. Your Nails siempre está a la vanguardia.

Escribidnos sin compromiso si estáis interesados en más información.
Se ubica en Madrid, España.

Your Nails es un centro de estética especializado en uñas de gel. Innovador, creativo e higiénico.

Mis uñas por "YourNails".

I hope you loved it fashionistas!



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