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How to Look Good in Photos: Advice From a Professional Model

By Merima Ramadanovic

One of the most important factors in becoming a professional model are not your looks per say but your ability to shine in front of a camera. In another words, being naturally striking does not necessarily translate into taking good photos; rather, it is about knowing how to let-loose and express your emotions for the camera. 

Here are my 15 tips on taking good photos:

1. Choose a great background and lighting

2. Watch your posture. Good posture dramatically improves your appearance and your confidence. Sit up and stand up straight so you look healthier and more alert. Breathe normally and relax your shoulders. 

3. Watch what you are wearing, i.e. pick the colors that complement you and avoid wearing horizontal stripes that can make you seem wider.  

4. Practice in front of the camera

5. Watch your body's positioning

6. Hide your blemishes and skin redness by wearing the right makeup tones and blending in your foundation.

7. Keep the shine down. Pat down your t-zone. 

8. Make sure your hair is visible.

9. Keep your face in equilibrium, i.e. your face reaches equilibrium, i.e. "normal" appearance" once relaxed. Do not clench your teeth; make sure that your upper and lower jaw touch each other. 

10. Smiling: have a slight smile; stress the corners of your eyes; and raise your eyebrows. When smiling, try a relaxed closed-mouth smile or an open-mout hsmile with the lower lip relaxed and down.

11. Best not to use flash

12. Work the angles. Figure out what angle and pose looks the best for you.

13. Get rid of a double chin. Tilt your head up slight and position yourself so that the camera is a little bit above or at your eye level. 

14. Relax. Be comfortable. If you know a picture is about to be taken, take a deep breath and exhale naturally, relaxing your arms and shoulders.

15. Think happy thoughts. Imagine something funny or think of someone who make you happy. If you do not like your smile or teeth, try a closed or partially-closed mouth smile. A forced smile can make you look stiff. Try to time your smile so that you do not have to hold it for too long.


Unknown said...

Merima is beautiful.

Anna Maria Goncalves said...

Well to look good in photos it's better to look good in real life...

Boris said...

Does it work on me too??? Hahahahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Tghis is shitits all photoshop

johnyy from dubai said...



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