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Casual Summer Outfit Ideas

By Elma B.

As all of you are enjoying the sunshine, whether on the beach or in the city, it is very easy to look chic and casual on a hot summer day. Here are 5 tips on completing a casual summer look:
My Final Look
1. Pick a cotton tank-top, with an extra little detail, e.g a crochet back. If you have nice shoulders, exposing the skin area from your neck until right below your shoulders makes you elegant and sexy. 

2. Pick cotton bottoms, e.g., a beneath your knees skirt if you do not want to wear mini skirts or short cut-offs.

3. Pick a light purse, e.g., white or creme and make sure that its material is not too thick.

Miu Miu Vintage Purse
4. Pick comfortable sandals, e.g., a small nude wedge. Whatever the case, make sure they are comfortable and perhaps a size bigger than your actual foot because your foot expands in the heat often a one size bigger! 

Vera Wang Nude Wedges 
5. Wear light make-up, perhaps only a colored lip-gloss or lipstick and mascara so your make-up does not run on a hot summer day. Of course, do not forget to apply an SPF cream on your face! 

I hope some of these tips will help you...Until next time...xoxo.

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