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Fashion Trends: Casual Summer Look

By Merima Ramadanovic

I am a huge fan of minimalism and efortlessly-chic looks. To achieve this look, your style needs to be casual and then add a few outstanding details, e.g. crochet, lace, or red lipstick  

This summer, I have opted for my three favorite items: red lipstick, denim shorts and a t-shirt. Your t-shirt needs to have an interesting detail, e.g. make a statement or mine below has lace on the side of my sleeves.  

For a daytime casual and weekend look, I would suggest the following:

1. Accessories: ray ban sunglasses with colored frames;
2. Make-Up: red-lipstick with mascara (no more make-up needed!);
3. Outfit: denim shorts and a t-shirt with a cool detail
4. Shoes: casual day sandals, e.g. wedges or sandals with wood-like colored heel  
5. Hair: just blow-dry it straight and let it loose. 

Here is my complete look! I hope you liked it fashionistas! 

T-Shirt Tank Top with Crochet Details 
Denim Shorts
Ray Ban Glasses With Colored Frames

Red-Lipstick From MAC

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