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SoHo in New York City

By Elma B.

One of my favorite districts in New York City is SoHo, mainly, because of its young crowd, trendy restaurants, boutiques, and other international shops. SoHo stands for "SOuth of HOuston Street"; there is also an area in London called SoHo. SoHo is located in lower Manhattan. SoHo is known for being the location of many artists' lofts and art galleries. SoHo has very unique architecture because of its trademark of incorporating cast iron on buildings (see an example in my photos below). 

My favorites in SoHo? Mercer's Kitchen (for brunch), and Tory Burch, Intermix and Sephora (for shopping).

Traveling Tip #1: you can find many street stands in SoHo selling vintage jewelry or antiques. 

Traveling Tip #2: try to visit SoHo on a Sunday, when it is not as crowded as on Saturday but you still have a chance to experience the lively atmosphere. 

For the fashionistas, we did a mini photoshoot to show you my outfit. Here, I am wearing a flowery dress; a wooden red necklace turned into a bracelet; brown boots with fringes; orange lipstick and cat eye make-up; and a yellow Louis Vuitton purse. There you have it; until next time...xoxo! 

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