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When in Central Park...

By Elma B.

While in New York City, I decided to pay homage to one of my favorite places there: the Central Park. The unique feature of the Park is that once you enter it, you immediately escape the noise of the busy streets of New York City. The Park is quite serene and the vast amount of nature in the middle of one of the busiest cosmopolitan cities in the world awes you!

Traveling tip #1: if possible, avoid the Central Park on the weekends as it is too crowded and you do not have the chance to experience its splendor or take as many photos as much of the scenic spots are crowded with tourists. 

Nature in Central Park
Traveling tip #2: if possible, hold off from visiting Central Park until it is sunny and warm. There is another level of beauty that becomes more apparent when it is sunny and warm outside: the green grasses are greener and the flowers are in in full bloom. 

Traveling tip #3: bring your favorite book or magazine; after hours of walking in the park, you will want to take a rest on one of many's park benches to soak in the beauty and just to relax. 

Take a look at my photos below of Central Park in the summer. Stay tuned for more of my traveling adventures...until next time...xoxo!

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