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Curvy Curvy: Spotlight On Kate Upton

By Elma B.

"If the high-fashion world seems incapable of figuring out what to do with her … then that's it's loss," says Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour regarding the magazine's June cover model Kate Upton.

Kate Upton Curvy
The spotlight has been cast on the 21 year old American model and actress ever since her she landed the cover of Sports Illustrated in 2012. She also won the hearts of many American teenage boys and men after her Cat Daddy video went viral on YouTube reaching almost 750,000 views within 24 hours!

Kate Upton Bringing the Curves Back!

Most importantly, she is casting the spotlight on rise of the curvy customer in the United States and the rest of the world. She is bringing back the curves of old Hollywood blond bombshells like Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield. The fact that she has repetitively been featured in major editorials like Elle, Vogue and GQ is very important because her curvy body breaks the repetitive images of malnourished and starving models, which have been esteemed as the ideal body types by the high fashion world. 

Many girls and young women are bombared with rail thin body types, which has produced unhealthy diets, illnesses and even deaths. Rumor has it in the modeling industry that some of the models have gone so far as to eat soaked tissues to keep themselves from eating actual food! ENOUGH...
Kate Upton on Red Carpet 
The fact is that most women are not rail thin and cannot relate to the "heroin-chic" look. Hence, the average consumer is not likely to respond to the campaigns or buy the clothes from designers featuring anorexic-looking models. The high-fashion industry, especially in economic crisis, seems to have responded and tried connecting with the average consumer by putting the spotlight on a model like Kate Upton.


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