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Fabulous 50s Glamour

By Elma B.

The 1950s or the Fifties were marked by the end of WWII and by the Cold War Competition between the United States and the Soviet Union; as the world was rapidly changing, the fashion industry jumped quickly on the wagon and began rapidly changing as well. 

Coco Chanel and Jean Patchett during a fitting, 
circa 1050-1951. 
It all began with Christian Dior's "New Look," which made the skirts shorter (below-mid-calf length), the bust pointer and the shoulders rounder and more visible. The "New Look" became dominant in fashion magazines. 

Christian Dior "New Look" in 1947
Christian Dior "New Look" in 1947
Other styles that became popular in the '50s were a tailored feminine look, which consisted of fitted jackets and pencil skirts, and coupled with gloves and pearls. Low-cut necklines, shirt-dresses, and halter-top sundresses became socially acceptable and popular. 

Balmain Design for Bergdof Goodman in the 1950s
Another brief trend? Poodle skirts. Skirts were typically narrow or very full. Gowns were the same lenght as day dresses.

What fascinated me about the 1950s was the glamour and the elegance. Hollywood's divas like Elizabeth Taylor, Sofia Loren, Grace Kelly and Natalie Wood epitomized beauty yet their clothing was not scandalous or vulgar. The dresses exposed their contours while covering their figures modestly. Take a look at some of the most glamorous '50s moments...Until next time...xoxo. 

Sophia Loren in the 1950s
Ava Gardner
Tony Curtis in 1952
Audrey Hepburn 
Marlon Brando
Marilyn Monroe  
Marilyn Monroe 
Natalie Wood  
Audrey Hepburn in the 1950s
Marilyn Monroe in the 1950s
Alan Delon and Brigitte Bardot  
Balmain Designs for Bergdof Goodman

Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis 
on the Set of Some Like It Hot
Grace Kelly in the 1950s 

James Dean
Glamour: The Beverly Hills Hotel in the 1950s

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