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Westfield London Fashion

By Elma B.

Good morning gorgeous!

Last evening, we decided to visit the Westfield shopping center in London. The mall was stunning. Not only were there amazing luxury designers but also there was a food court with healthy dining from all around the world. Westfield gave me a feeling as if though I was back in the U.S. since there are so many shopping centers in the States. With that said, I have not been to as nice of a shopping center like Westfield in the U.S. and I have covered Las Vegas, L.A., Miami, Washington D.C., NYC and Chicago. What do you think?

Also, for my outfit of the evening, I am wearing a simple black turtleneck, which is fitted with a blue-gold patterned pencil skirt. I have used a belt with a gloldish large buckle and am wearing high heeled boots. Lastly, I am wearing a Salvatore Ferragamo black purse with a small golden detail. Happy Thursday fashionistas! 

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