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Rock-n-Roll & Philanthropy

By Elma B.

I could not help but to write about one of the greatest rockers of all time, and he happens to have a heart of gold as well. He is from Dublin, Ireland, where he grew up, nurtured U2 and met his future wife, Alison Stewart (in high school). He is the main vocalist for U2, and he writes almost all of U2’s lyrics. 

Luis Vuitton: Bono with Wife Allison Stewart for Product Red 

Aside from collaborating with many famous musicians, he is known for his humanitarian work all throughout the world. During the war in Bosnia, he collaborated with one of the most amazing opera singers, Pavarotti, and produced “Miss Sarajevo.” Bono’s work has largely focused on Africa; he has co-founded DATA, EDUN, One Campaign and Product Red. Product Red was launched to invest in AIDS programs in Africa via the private sector (e.g. Apple, Gap, Emporio Armani, etc.). Many celebrities like Christy Turlington, Gisele Bundchen, and Anne Hathaway, supported the cause via campaigns. 

He often meets with influential politicians regarding great causes, e.g. President Bush, President Obama, Prime Minister Tony Blair, Queen Elizabeth, etc. In fact, among his numerous awards, he has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize and has been named as “Person of the Year” by Time magazine.

Christy Turlington for Product Red
Bono with Pavarotti Singing "Miss Sarajevo" 

Bono with President Obama

Bono's Gorgeous Wife and Daughters

Together Since High School

Anne Hathaway for Product Red

Gisele Bundchen (and American Express) for Product Red

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