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Kate Upton: the Modern Day Marilyn Monroe

By Elma B.

The first time I noticed Kate Upton was (unlike most of the world who took note of her from Sports Illisturated) was in Harper's Bazaar modeling with Jared Leto. I really liked her styling for the photo shoot. Hence, I looked her up. I found out she is only 20 years old. 

Although she has gained fame from her Sports Illustrated pages and other bikini spreads, I thought after styling she fits quite well in the high design industry. The Vogue Italia shoot really portrayed her as a modern bombshell, perhaps even akin to Marilyn Monroe. What do you think fashionistas, should she stick to bathing suit modeling or does she fit well into high design?? Modern day young Marilyn Monroe? For full coverage, check out Vogue Italia! 

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