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Mirrored Sunglasses

By Amra B.

I have been searching for the perfect pair of mirrored sunglasses to combine with the seventies style pieces I am currently obsessed with for this summer. I love mirrored sunglasses, but found that many ones out there have an overly futurist design and don’t compliment the seventies vibes of my summer wardrobe. I finally was able to locate these perfectly shaped mirrored sunnies, and have been wearing them almost every day.

The shape of the glasses is not the typical aviator, and I find this refreshing; I also love the platinum color as it easily matches different pieces in my wardrobe. I combined my new mirrored sunglasses with a bohemian red dress, a denim vest, and a fringe bucket back I acquired recently. Seventies style has always been my favorite, and this combination of fringe and mirrored glasses is something I will probably continue to wear into the fall and winter. 

Outfit: Sama Eyewear Ashton glasses, Zara dress, Bershka vest, Prada shoes, bag Saint Laurent


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