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Closet Essentials for the Spring

By Elma B.

As the snow refuses to melt and keeps pouring here in New York, I am yearning for the sun, warmth and the light breezy clothes. To commensurate with my light hearted mood, I put together this airy spring outfit. I must share with you that a lot of the last season's trends are here to stay.

Spring Styling Trends--Your Closet Essentials:


1. Boyfriend jeans. You are sure to get a lot of milage out of one pair of ripped boyfriend jeans. For affordable prices, try H&M or Zara. 

2. Pumps. A cool pair of stilettos are enough to carry you through the spring season for professional day to day obligations or party occasions.

3. Safari hat. Nothing better communicates your adventurous and cool spirit than a safari hat. I choose mine in a cool blue color that is appropriate for the streets of this concrete jungle. 

4. Simple clutch. For the spring, get rid of the heavy fabric. Below, you will see, I am waring a metallic Salvatore Ferragamo clutch with a bow that completely covers the front. 

5. Clean cut coat. Pick one, that go-to-coat, for all occasions. Importantly, make sure this coat is in a neutral color and the material is not akin to the heavy weight ones we use in the winter. Below, I am wearing a navy coat from Zara I purchased three years ago in Brussels! 

There you have it fashionistas, closet essentials for the spring. What are your go to pieces in the spring? Leave me a comment below, love hearing from my fans. Until next time, xoxo from New York! 


neverhundredoclock said...

I'm looking for a pair of boyfriend jeans that aren't skinny cut I adore a good boot cut or straight leg jean they seem almost impossible to find the fit with the cut if you know what I mean any luck on where to look besidesHmm or Zara

I'm seriously thinking about going DIY on this

neverhundredoclock said...

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