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My Top 5 Spring Must Haves

By Elma B.

Spring--the season of new beginnings, warm weather, and short skirts and dresses. It is time to shed those layers fashionistas. Here is what is my closet...

1. Jean jacket. One of my favorite pieces for the spring (and even for the breezy summer nights) is the jean jacket. The jean jacket is a timeless piece that goes almost with anything. 

Styling tips: You can wear it on a casual day with pants/shorts or even can use it to dress down an outfit. 

2. Silk scarf. Scarves can make a neutral and low key outfit stand out. Also, in the summer, they are a perfect accessory to wrap-up your hair. Here are instructions on several ways to  wear a scarf.  

3. Boots. I know you may be thinking: "It's spring, boots?" However, unless the weather is scorching hot, boots look amazing on bare legs with a dress or a skirt. 

Styling tip: opt for casual, i.e., no or low heel, suede boots during the day with your skirts and dresses. 

4. Statement jewelry. Just like a scarf, statement jewelry can make a low key outfit uber-chic and stand out. 

Styling tip: I suggest buying a large necklace and combining it with one that is more subtle, i.e., smaller and a lot less extravagant. Take a look below how I combined the two necklaces I am wearing. 

5. Radiant orchid makeup. This spring, radiant orchid is the "it" color. Experiment with radiant orchid makeup whether for your lips, eyeshadow or even nail polish. The color is understated and elegant. 

There you have it fashionistas, my top 5 spring must haves. What are your favorite pieces for the spring? Leave a comment below, we love hearing from you! Until next time fashionistas, xoxo. 

p.s. My outfit dissected: Tommy Hilfiger jean jacket; Balmain purse; Forever 21 jewelry; Ralph Lauren scarf; and Arden B dress.  

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