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5 Tips for Pulling Off the Crop-Top

By Nadja Muzur
Edited by Naima Karp

Showing up in style wherever you fashionistas go is important; you never know who you’ll meet, and why not meet them when you’re looking stylish? Sunday brunch is one of my favorite things, consisting of boy talk, life updates, the latest news, and of course: fashion.

The outfits we plan for the coveted Sunday brunch are usually a great time to showcase your style, but this past Sunday, I decided on a more casual look, with my favorite Joe’s jeans, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, and a funky Urban Outfitters top. I like to stay comfortable in style, pairing a crop top like the one in this picture with some cute jeans. A white wedge makes an outfit like this more chic than casual. Crop tops are a hot trend right now, and are versatile for a bunch of outfits.

Here are my styling tips for wearing a crop-top:

1. Pairing them with high waisted bottoms, and even workout gear can work.

2. When tight, they look best with a more flowing skirt, and vice versa with a snugger bottom. They embody the essence of spring and summer, especially when you’re feeling confident to show a little skin.

3. Pairing one with a pencil skirt is a great option for casual or dressy, and rarely looks bad.

4. A quick fix to wondering if you’re showing too much skin: throw on a cute cardigan, or blazer! If a crop top is a bit too daring, there are beautiful sweater options as well, especially when the cooler seasons come around. Finding which cut of top works for your body is also a key point.

5. To avoid pulling an early 2000s Christina Aguilera, and wearing a too-short crop with a pair of low-rise jeans, find the right crop for your body.

There’s more than you’d think to finding the right crop top: silhouette within an outfit, working with your body type, what accessories to pair with…but when it feels right, you’ll never feel more confident! Try out the comfy and fashionable trend on your next Sunday pancake adventure!


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