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How to Guide On Fall/Winter Makeup: 8 Steps

By Elma B.

What is it about the fall and winter look that exhumes more glamour than the summer and spring look? It can be summed up in one word: MAKEUP. I am here to provide you with an insider's beauty tips on how to wear your fall and winter makeup. Here are my 7 beauty secrets... 

1. Wear brighter makeup, e.g., bright eyeshadow. Your body is covered-up in the fall and winter and the dominant colors of your clothes are black, brown, gray and navy blue.  Hence, take more risks with makeup. Wearing bright makeup contrasts with the cold and gloomy weather.

2. Wear heavier makeup, e.g., wear foundation and powder. You do not have to worry about your makeup melting off. 

3. Bring attention to your lips when the weather is dark and cloudy. 

4. Bring attention to your eyes (and/or lips) when the weather is sunny. For instance, you can do smokey-eye makeup even during the day as long as it is sunny outside.

5. Use heavier moisturizer. Unlike in the summer, where your face is sweating under the heat, your skin will dry out in the winter. Hence, do not use the same moisturizer in the summer as in the winter. The cold weather will pull out the moisture out of your skin; thus, your skin will look matte. A good moisturizer underneath your foundation, which would make your skin look oily in the summer, will serve you well in the fall and winter. 

6. Porcelain look. It is ok to have a porcelain look in the winter because looking orange in the fall/winter is outright strange. If you have pale skin, add blush so you do not look dead. However, if you are wearing bold eye-makeup and bright lips, go without blush.

7. Wear lipgloss or colored chap-stick. Wear gloss or colored chap-stick will serve your lips well rather than wearing matte lipstick because your lips become dry in the winter. If it is windy outside, to avoid having your hair stick to your lips, condition your lips with colored chap-stick and then add a bit of bright lipstick. 

8. Wear waterproof mascara and eyeliner. When raining or windy, make sure to wear waterproof mascara and eyeliner so you do not end up looking like a raccoon. 


Anonymous said...

Love this eyeshadow

Unknown said...

Very beautiful!!! Eyeshadows really makes your eyes more beautiful. I am always using mineral eyeshadow and I love this product. As there are various types of cosmetics available and if you buy best it will benefit from you.

Elma B. said...

Thank you so much Marry!! It was a shimmery power eyeshadow from MAC!


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