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Bienvenido a Miami

By Amra B. 

I am in Miami bit*h! I am so happy to report that, even for a brief moment, I have escaped the cold weather in London and arrived to a sunny heaven. It is still "summer" here: the temperatures are around 28 C or 80+ degrees, and you can lay by the pool and tan your bum off!

Miami is like a second home as I used to come here quite often in the past. I am staying in an amazing hotel (it is also a spa center) and enjoying the view (below are some photos). 

I am wearing my sailor stripes again (I rocked them all over St Tropez this past summer). There is something so perfect about stripes and the sea (so much history there). Hope you are enjoying your week fashionistas! Stay tuned for more adventures from Miami! 


Outfit* Purse Giorgio Armani, shorts Miss Sixty, shoes Prada, sunnies Steve Madden, Jewelry Swarovski, River Island, Forever 21, and H&M, Shirt H&M

Me in Brickell 


Sunset view from my hotel 

Witnessing the sunrise while jogging in the morning


Accessories: Giorgio Armani purse, Swarovski large golden ring (left), H&M ring (right)

Necklaces: Forever 21  

Prada nude platform sandals 




hmmhmmhmm said...

Awesome girl!! :D

hmmhmmhmm said...
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Unknown said...

black necklace <3

Unknown said...

love those shoes!


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