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My Journey to Prague

By Senka Haveric

From Sarajevo, I traveled to Prague for a spontaneous weekend trip. Prague has to be one of my favorite cities thus far. It was absolutely beautiful. Prague is located on the Vltava River; thus, its scenery is all the more picturesque. There are estimated 2 million people in Prague making this central European city quite small. Its summers are very warm (and winters fairly chilly). 

Prague was a part of the Roman and then the Austro-Hungarian Empire; the Roman architecture and subsequently the Viennese influence is apparent on the facades of the buildings as well as the Czech cuisine. 

Travel Tip # 1: While in Prague, I would recommend you visit the following attractions:

1. The Prague Castle (located at the top of a hill and the most well known and very symbolic for Prague).

2. The Charles Bridge (located in the center and countless of tourists cross it everyday).

3. The Old Town Square (simply gorgeous with its clocks).

4. The Jewish Quarter.

The Spanish Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter 
5. The Lennon Wall.

6. The Petrin Hill. 

View From Petrin Hill 
The city is filled with cultural sites such as museums, theaters and galleries. I would recommend taking advantage of the city's rich history. 

Travel Tip # 2: The public transportation is an easy way to maneuver around the city; I would recommend taking the tram. Also, be aware that the cabs may attempt to charge you more as tourist than a local; thus, I would steer away when possible and resort to public transportation. 

Now, I’m back in the USA for good. My summer of traveling is officially over but that doesn’t mean the fun will stop! Although I had a wonderful summer, I am ready for the transition to the fall and all the changes it brings. 

Stay trendy loves!

Me in Prague 
With a Friend in Prague
 (the red rooftops are very characteristic of Prague)
View of Prague 

Prague in winter

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