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Marilyn Monroe Look

By Amra B.

Marilyn Monroe's style is one of the most copied in the world. From luxury brand Dolce&Gabbana to heiress Paris Hilton (and actress Lindsay Lohan), many have tried to capture just a dash of glamour by recreating the famous style Marilyn Monroe was so well known for. With her signature eyes and lips, her makeup was fresh and beautiful.

Marilyn Monroe signature makeup 
Marilyn Monroe before and after her makeup 

Celebrities imitating Marilyn Monroe: Scarlett Johansson, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Kidman
So, if you were to be in the same room with Marilyn whilst she was applying her make up what you would see would be something like this...

Marilyn Monroe applying her makeup 

1. Starting with a clean face she would apply some foundation, then cover it with a little luminous face powder. This would give her a luminous and flawless look; she used  products made by Anita of Denmark, and Erno Laszio. 

2. Then, Marilyn would use five coats of Guerlain Rouge Diabolique to give her that famous voluptuous lip color she wore so well. The lip color was made by Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lipstick in Insolence de Rouge #522

3. To get the sultry look with her eyes, Marilyn would work a trio of colors over the lid and up to the brow line, starting from her eyelashes and moving up, and the color would consist of cream, light-brown, and finally she would add a shimmering white. 

4. Pulling down her eyelid, Marilyn would apply black liquid liner, making it thicker at the center and swooping it out to a cat eye. Lining the swoop perfectly with with the top of her pupils. 

5. Lining the lower waterline of her eye with white pencil, she would flick the white out at the corner to further accentuate the cat eye. 

6. After curling her eyelashes, she then would apply two coats of dark mascara. 

7. Taking a pair of scissors, she'd cut a pair of fake lashes and apply them to the outer corners of her eyes, achieving that flirty lash look she's so well known for. 

Finally, framing her face with her hands, she blows a kiss into thee mirror to acknowledge her triumphant beauty. [1]

Also, I have managed to find one amazing vintage article about how Marilyn Monroe maintained her figure. Enjoy the photos below! 


**Click on the pictures for a slide show


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