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Summer Travels: Part III--My Journey to Sarajevo

By Senka Haveric

From Croatia, I went to my hometown of Sarajevo to see family and enjoy the 19th Sarajevo Film Festival ("SFF"). The lovely Nerina H.P. from Club Fashionista already wrote a post about the Preparations for the Sarajevo Film Festival. I recommend you take a look! The energy in the city was amazing during the film festival, and the party scene was just unbelievable.

The Sarajevo Film Festival is one of the largest film festivals in Europe. The mega famous attendees have included Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie (a huge fan of Bosnia), Morgan Freeman, and Bono. The SFF has a very interesting story behind its findings: it began in 1995 while Sarajevo was bombarded and under siege during the Bosnian Independence War. Local artists gathered and invited international and local celebrities to attend and producers to feature their new and short films. SFF takes place every year in August. There are an enormous amount of tourists visiting Sarajevo during that time of the year so the city's vibe is incredible and very festive. Take a look at my personal photos below, I hope you will attend next year! 

In front of Vjecna Vatra
(loosely translated: Flame that Always Burns) in Sarajevo 
Before Going out for the Sarajevo Film Festival 
Preparations for the Sarajevo Film Festival 

Chic in Sarajevo 
With Friends in Sarajevo 

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