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Summer Travels: Part II--My Journey to Croatia with Travel Tips!

By Senka Haveric 

From Peru I traveled to Croatia and had fun hopping around the Adriatic coast. My first destination was the fashionable island of Hvar for a friend’s wedding. From Hvar, I went to Makarska, Zaostrog, Drvenik, and Gradac, which are all small towns along the Croatian coast. Finally, my time in Croatia ended in the beautiful city of Split.

Me Biking in Croatia 

Travel tips when traveling Croatia: 

1. Do not be afraid to take the bus; they are well organized, air-conditioned and cleaned. 
2. Take the ferry boats to one of the 1,200 islands; they are very easy to get around.
3. If you will tour sites, e.g., the walls of Dubrovnik, do not go in the middle of the day as it can be very crowded and hot. Rather, stay on the beach during the middle of the day under a nice umbrella.
4. For young people looking for a party destination: Hvar would be your number one choice.
5. Dubrovnik is a must; bare in mind, there is not much to do in Dubrovnik after three days, i.e. not too many beaches, going out spots or sites to see.
6. When flying into Croatia: I would suggest Split (it isa port and easiest to transfer to the island of Hvar or other islands) or Dubrovnik. 
7. Do not forget to look fabulous! ;)

Me in Hvar for a Wedding with Friends 

For my Birthday Soiree in Croatia  
With the Beautiful Bride in Hvar 
Hippe Van in Split
With the Bride and My Mother in Hvar 

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Anonymous said...

Super post! Senka, and your mom, and bride-all beautiful and lovely! I also love love Split!!!!


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