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Victoria & Albert Fashion

By Elma B. 

On Thursday, I decided to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum ("V&A") after finding out that V&A had an extensive fashion collection. In fact, the fashion collection spans four centuries and is the largest collection of dress in the world! The collection covers rare 17th-century gowns, 18th-century "mantua" dresses, 1930s evening-wear, 1960s day-wear and post-war couture. Additionally, there are many pieces by 21st-century designers. 

I must confess I did not spend much time, as evidenced from my photos, on the pre 19th-century gowns; instead, I focused on the 19th-century and 20th-century clothing items and accessories. I was amazed by the stitching and the thick fabric starting from gowns all the way to bathing suits. The designs, colors and the materials of the clothing pieces were breathtaking. I spotted items from designers like Dior, Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent. Take a look below, I would highly encourage you to visit if you are in London. The collection would easily satisfy the appetite of fashion and art lovers. 

entrance hall of the V&A
courtyard of the V&A

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