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Elizabeth Taylor's Violet-Blue Eyes

By Jessica Miller 

Elizabeth Taylor was an American actress and a film icon from the classic Hollywood era.  The Hollywood legend was well known for her violet eyes that stood out as much as her beauty and talent. 

In fact, she had a "genetic mutation," also known as distichiasis, which means that she had an extra set of eyelashes. The accessory row of eyelashes captivated Taylor's deep violet eyes and gave the effect of wearing an intense mascara. On the set of Roddy McDowall, Elizabeth Taylor, only 13, someone said "Get that girl off the set- she has too much eye make-up on, too much mascara," recalls J Randy Taraborelli's biography of Taylor. (Only later did they find out on the set that Liz had no mascara on but a double set of eye lashes.)

Below you will find some photos that managed to capture her trademark-her amazing violet eyes. 

Elizabeth Taylor 
with Richard Burton 

Elizabeth Taylor's Violet-Blue Eyes 

Elizabeth Taylor's Eyes 

Elizabeth Taylor for Cleopatra
Elizabeth Taylor Wearing
Her Much-Talked About Collection of Jewels 

Elizabeth Taylor as a Child Star 
Elizabeth Taylor's Violet Eyes 
Grace the Cover of Harper's Bazaar

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