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Les Misérables: Maison de Victor Hugo

By Elma B.

This post is a sort of sequel to my previous publication about the Espace Dalí in Paris...I say sort of because I also stumbled upon it while living in Paris for the first time. Maison de Victor Hugo was another one of gems of Paris that I am glad I did not miss. Maison de Victor Hugo, I learned from the tour guide, was where Victor Hugo wrote Les Misérables. I thought it would be appropriate to share with you my experience while visiting this small and charming museum in light of the recent Hollywood musical Les Misérables

Victor Hugo lived there for 16 years from 1832-1848. He was 30 years old when he moved into the apartment with his wife Adele. The museum consists of a a medieval style dining room, a Chinese style-like living room and Victor Hugo's bedroom. Below you will find some photos of the charming apartment. Which room is your favorite? I would highly recommend that you visit Maison de Victor Hugo, which is very close to Bastille metro, while in Paris! 

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